At Miniatura you will find a team of organisers with years of experience, a cost effective solution to showing your work to thousands of collectors and the support and promotion you need to turn your hobby into a business.

A lot of amateur craftspeople and hobbyists reach a point when they feel they might be ready to show their work to a wider audience.


Since September 1983 we have been helping exhibitors promote their work to collectors. We pride ourselves on looking after new makers as well as providing a top quality stage for established artisans.

"Hard work but fun! An essential part of the success of our business"

 - Petite Properties

Feedback from new exhibitors at the Spring 2019 show

Wendy Spencer of Valley View Silver said: “My first experience of exhibiting at Miniatura has been very good. I liked the organisation – they were very helpful. I could telephone Andy at any time if I had a query. Also, his promotion has been very good. It’s been lovely.”


Terence Facey who makes English country Oak and Yew furniture said: “We have been to a few shows and this has been our best one. It’s been so enjoyable. We sometimes have to attend events where everything is so serious, so we loved the atmosphere of this show. Everyone is smiling and laughing, it’s a lovely atmosphere. And will we be coming back to Miniatura? Oh yes! We will be coming back!”

Son Tom added: “It’s been really amazing, we have sold so much stuff and taken orders. Things are selling fast.”


Emma Turner of Unity Wood said: “My first experience of being at Miniatura has been very good. I was quite surprised because when you are new, people will look to see what you’re making and then walk on, but they’ve been coming back to buy things. It has been lovely and it's a lovely atmosphere. The Miniatura team have been so supportive and I’ve really enjoyed it. I will be coming back. You have to keep the momentum going so people get to know you and what you make.  And everybody has been lovely – the visitors and the Miniatura team.”


Lisa Dearnley of Felt Pixie said: “I was so nervous with the anticipation of not getting positive feedback. You don’t know what people will think. But people have been really very positive. It is really nice what people have been saying, it’s positive and encouraging. Saturday sales in particular were really, really good. There’s not too much left of my stock and I’ve taken some commissions. It’s also nice to meet people who you’ve had dealings with online. To have them come up and talk to you is so nice. I really want to come back again.”

First Time Craftsperson?

We are committed to helping newcomers and in 2017 we started sponsoring first time craftspeople who only need a small space. In essence it means it is now possible to try Miniatura for less than £100.

It means that people who make amazing miniatures have the opportunity to try Miniatura for the first time without breaking the bank!

When we offer you a stand we will make sure you get the most efficient space for your needs and you will only pay for what you require.

Standard Price Guide

The cost of a stand with table and 2 chairs would be from:

2ft 6" - £180.12

4ft - £279.12

6ft - £345.12

These prices include VAT and are subject to change. Additional features are also available (eg power, a corner site or a wall position).

Invitations to our shows are sent to regular standholders months before each show and are usually swiftly taken  up. 

The spaces created by anyone unable to accept allow us to introduce newcomers from those prospective  exhibitors who are on our reserve files.  There are also occasions when a vacancy occurs as a result of a late  cancellation (illness, accident, etc). In either case our policy is to try to  replace like with like in order to maintain the balance of the show.


Please advise us if you would be prepared to  accept a place at the show as a result of a cancellation at short notice.

Enquiry to exhibit

Please complete the form above to let us know that you are interested in attending and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

We will need to see photographs or samples of your work before we will be able to accept you as an exhibitor. References from other craftspeople are always helpful as well. / 0121 783 9922.

Further Reading

Advice to new makers, the following is intended to assist newcomers in making a smooth transition to exhibiting at fairs, most is common sense, a lot of it you may already know:

1. Get in touch early.

It may well be that you aren't quite ready for a show as large as Miniatura, and it's understandable that you want to get everything right first time. Generally it takes about a year to find a new exhibitor space at one of our shows so get on the list as soon as you know you'd like to do Miniatura, there'll be plenty of time to fine tune the details of your stand.

2. Keep in touch.

With a lot of possible exhibitors on our lists it's important that you keep in touch, so after you've sent the form please update us on a regular basis. Once a day is too much, once a year is not enough.

3. The learning curve.

If you are new to exhibiting your work you will find that the first one or two shows you do will be remarkably informative from a purely practical point of view. Whilst we pride ourselves on making the whole exhibitor experience as smooth running and pain free as possible it will benefit you immensely to have done one or two small shows before you exhibit with us.

4. Early planning.

Payment - As stated above we send our invitations out early, about 11 months ahead. We request 50% payment at the time of booking and the balancing 50% 3 months prior to the show.

Stock - A lot of exhibitors have told us that they run two stockpiles of their work, one for Miniatura and one for everything else. This means that they are ready for the show and not working frantically up until the last minute.

5. If in doubt get in touch.

We are always happy to discuss any aspect of booking the shows, we work hard throughout the year to try to make it as effective an advert as possible for you and your product, it's been our job for over 28 years.

You may also find this article useful - Advice for newcomers

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