Unity Wood Miniatures

Medieval, Tudor, & fantasy inspired miniatures.

I supposed I've always made things. My earliest memory is "helping" my carpenter Father make sash windows in the garage, welding a hammer at the age of two and probably using my first swear word at the same time!  I grew up in a household were being creative was encouraged and a TV staple was Blue Peter. I have always said if I ever wrote a craft book Biddy Baxter would be credited. As a girl I had Sindy dolls (and two Action Men found on local beaches) that I made many things for. My first Dolls House was made by my Dad and was a monster of a thing, so well constructed I could stand on it, we made many things together for it. Miniatures proper came in adulthood due to sitting next to an enthusiast in a pottery class and so it began. My love of history soon joined forces with my love of the creative and so Unity Wood Miniatures was conceived. You may ask why Unity Wood, well that was part of our first telephone number Unity Wood 820!

So when you come to Miniatura please come and say hello. Spring 2019 will be my first time behind a stand and I'm so looking forward to showing you my Tudor, medieval and fantasy inspired miniatures.

A show for everyone who loves miniatures. Started in 1983 and currently at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK twice a year. The show regularly features the finest miniature craftspeople from around the world.


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