Terence Facey

Jacobean country style British made handcrafted oak and yew miniatures.

“As cabinet makers we’ve always made “apprentice pieces” to show customers in the States – they’re easier to transport and if made accurately look exactly as you’d expect them to look full size. Last autumn, for a bit of fun, Terry was making a small jewellery chest in his tiny workshop in his garden and when it turned out looking excellent, he wondered “just how small can I make these chests” which led down the path of smaller and smaller miniature chests. He thought it was so much fun that he ended up exploring other pieces and started investigating the world of dolls house furniture. We work as a father and son team in a small workshop in the garden with the same old hand tools that we use for our full scale pieces.

At the beginning of Terry’s career, restoring 17th century furniture was an intrinsic part of his business. This progressed into making replicas of antique furniture which were so convincing in their appearance that they passed for antiques. The designer trade in the USA was our main market, which led us into having a showroom there with extensive trade customers. To avoid competition from the Far East we targeted the high end, hand making our furniture using hand tools in our Surrey workshops to an excellent quality.

We’ve sold furniture and mirrors to some very famous people. We’ve travelled the world to sell furniture, for example, travelling to Hong Kong to the procurement office for the Foreign Office and then furnishing over 40 embassies. We’ve also collaborated with designers to produce some antique replicas which look exactly like the originals for very rich clients.


We are both looking forward to the show and meeting all of the new and enthusiastic people who will be discovering our products and who show interest and passion for what they enjoy.”

A show for everyone who loves miniatures. Started in 1983 and currently at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK twice a year. The show regularly features the finest miniature craftspeople from around the world.


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