Supplier of resin items and filigrees.

It started with… A CRAFT SHOP … “Enterprising Hands”. After 5 years the rent doubled so we had a sale, packed everything up and moved to the shed and the loft at home. We decided to do dollshouses, miniatures and also egg decorating by mail order. It all went really well until doing both proved too much, someone asked if they could buy the dollshouse side of the business at the same time someone asked if we want to buy their egg decorating company, so the decision was made for us and hence Eggers Delight.


Then the gentleman that made all our resin figures for eggs said he was retiring and our reaction was “OMG NO!” where would we get everything? Oh, I know lets buy his business so one trip to Scotland later we saw how everything was made and we were in business making resin items.


By this time we had run out of space again so converted the garage, so we used a shed, a loft AND a garage. Dolls house people started buying things so we introduced mouldings for them. We moved house and now we have TWO sheds, the famous loft, a converted garage and a double bedroom as my craft room!!


Then earlier this year we were approached by Replicast Miniatures who were looking to retire to see if we were interested in buying their company making architectural items for dollshouses we thought long and hard but decided it was a good move and we take over the business on 31st July this year. We have now come a full circle back to dollshouses and looks like moving somewhere bigger might be on the cards again.


We have also ventured overseas doing shows in Arnhem and Chicago along with Miniatura, Kensington Dollshouse Festival and the City of London Dollshouse Festival. All the shows and dates that we will be going to can be found on our web sites as we book them


What are we working on at the moment -KEEPING CALM !!!!

A show for everyone who loves miniatures. Started in 1983 and currently at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK twice a year. The show regularly features the finest miniature craftspeople from around the world.


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