Pan Miniatures

Flower arrangements & bridal bouquets. Handmade wooden & upholstered furniture. Curtains.

Annette Nicholls of Pan Miniatures creates upholstered furniture, curtains and floral arrangements in 1/12th scale, and admits to being something of a perfectionist. She has always loved all things ‘crafty’, having learned the skills of sewing, dressmaking, knitting and crocheting from her grandma. Annette is also a trained florist who had her own floristry shop for 30 years. Her miniature floral arrangements are evidence of this, although she says that floristry is a whole lot easier in full size!

Having three sons but no daughters and loving doll’s houses, she decided to make a doll’s house herself and furnish it. This progressed to making things for family and friends.

Annette admits to getting over enthusiastic about making miniatures, and ended up selling on eBay and then at local fairs. When a personal family tragedy forced her to give up her florist’s shop, Annette found that making miniatures was a Godsend, the therapeutic value getting her through some very difficult years.

With her miniatures flourishing, and husband, Paul a former miniature railway enthusiast, helping with the woodwork and manual side of things, as well as supporting her at the many fairs they now attend, they find themselves at shows all around the country.

Annette says that she always pays great attention to detail with her miniatures. She sources the best fabrics available and puts a great amount of time and energy into every piece. “I will only sell what I’d buy for my own collection,” says Annette.  She also tries to cover a range of prices from an item for a child’s doll’s house to a piece for a serious collector.

This year, she has also extended her range of available fabrics and trimmings, curtains and her unique flower arrangements.

A show for everyone who loves miniatures. Started in 1983 and currently at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK twice a year. The show regularly features the finest miniature craftspeople from around the world.


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