Haute couture bridal wear, boudoir & shop accessories, jewellery & ceramics, window boxes & trellises.

Kath Knox has been making 1/12th and 1/24th scale period gowns, lingerie and accessories for 20 years. She began by making 3-piece suites, leather chairs and beds, with husband Mike, a children’s educational psychologist, building the wooden bases.

Concentrating now on beautiful Victorian and Edwardian ball gowns, wedding dresses, hats, boudoir and accessories, Kathy sources her materials carefully to produce the most realistic and historically correct results. She uses the best Dupion silks, Marabou feathers, French Lace and Nottingham Lace, and then allows her imagination to go where it pleases as she creates the most elegant of gowns and accessories. Supported by Mike at shows, he also builds the stands for her displays as well as trellises and window boxes which she fills with tiny hand-crafted flowers.

The couple do about 20 shows each year and occasionally foreign fairs such as the Dolls House Show in Germany. They always look forward to Miniatura, and Kath says: “What we like about Miniatura is the great atmosphere and general friendliness among traders and customers. The organisation is excellent, and we know how hard it must be.”

A show for everyone who loves miniatures. Started in 1983 and currently at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK twice a year. The show regularly features the finest miniature craftspeople from around the world.


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