Kastle Kelm Miniatures

Witch, Wizard, Steampunk, Gnomes, Fairies, Fantasy & Grandad's workshop items.

Mike and Jenny Kelm are the creative duo behind Kastlekelm Miniatures. The couple who live in the Cotswolds have always loved model making. For Mike, his passion and creativity led him into a career in the world of films, becoming a Production and Art Director creating concept models and props; while Jenny went into teaching art and PE. She began making miniatures when her children were older, and gradually found that her passion was in creating fantasy miniatures such as witches, wizards, pixies, fairies, goblins, elves and lots of unusual and quirky characters and objects such as toppling book towers; all unique with no two ever alike.

Living in the Cotswolds, Jenny finds that inspiration is all around her, especially in the countryside. She said: “There’s just so many things you can create in fantasy. I started making normal miniatures which just got madder and madder. But I’ve found that people often want the weird and wacky.”

She has also been making realistic characters of people, such as gardeners like Monty Don and antique dealers. “It’s always fun to see if people know who they are!” added Jenny.

The couple have been exhibiting at the Miniatura Show since attending their first one about nine years ago. That was the key for Mike getting into miniatures and he soon discovered that the skills and techniques he uses in his film work came in very useful when making miniatures.  He began making room boxes for what he calls his granddad sheds and workshops complete with tool chests and work benches, as well as moving into making Gothic dungeons with torture racks, Steampunk organs and many other small intricate items.

Due to film commitments at present, his miniatures have taken a back seat for a while. Jenny is busier than ever, there’s a new website, and in the new year Kastlekelm Miniatures will be selling on Etsy.

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