Jon Trenchard

Exhibition of "Hordle Castle" a miniature model inspired by the National Trust

As seen in The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Times, as well as Have I Got News For You, Jon Trenchard is very excited to bring his creation-in-progress “Hordle Castle” to exhibit at Miniatura for the first time.


Inspired by National Trust properties he visited as a child, Jon started to dream up his 1:12 scale stately home from the age of 12, when his father helped him build the walls of The Great Hall, and the project has continued to grow ever since. 


“Hordle” currently has a Great Hall, chapel, tapestry room, cellar, staircase, attic, and Turkish Bathroom, and Jon hopes eventually to add another 20 rooms and leave the property to the National Trust.

Jon uses cereal packet, egg boxes, coffee stirrers and other odds and ends to decorate the rooms, and has collected many pieces by professional craftspeople to furnish them. 


He looks forward to chatting to other enthusiasts at Miniatura about how he has made Hordle so far, learning new tips so he can improve his techniques, and maybe even inspiring others to make their Dream Home become reality using recycled resources. 

Instagram: hordlecastle

Twitter: @Jon_Trenchard

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