Jane Harrop

1/12th 1/24th & 1/48th miniature Kits.

Jane Harrop has been making and selling her miniature creations since 1994 and is perhaps best known for her books on making miniatures and the wide range of 1/12th, 1/24th and 1/48th scale furniture and accessory kits which she sells at Miniatura twice a year.


Along with 'woodcutter' Bob she travels around the country presenting workshops on making miniatures and together they spread their infectious enthusiasm for the model making hobby. They are delighted to have also taught and exhibited in Europe and America. In Jane's words 'When I first started in the hobby, anyone buying a kit did so to save money. Nowadays that is not the case, television programmes such as 'The Great British Bake off' encourage us to develop our artistic talents and miniature kit making is now a creative hobby in its own right. If twenty people made up the same kit, once complete they would all look different with each one representing the maker's imagination and talent. Kit making is also sociable, we know lots of enthusiasts who want to have regular craft meetings with their miniatures mates, but don't want the hassle of putting together a project, so working on kits is a great way of ensuring everyone is happy.'


Jane and Bob take great pride in their work and think that the reason why they have so many returning customers, is that all of the kits that are sold at the shows or through their website www.janeharrop.co.uk have been tried and tested by their students in class or trialled on special day workshops, so any possible hiccups are ironed out before they go on sale to the public. Do pop along to see for yourself to see Jane & Bob's newest range of kits at our next show.

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