Fredona's Miniature Dreams

1/12th & 1/24th dolls house food across time periods of Tudor, Georgian, Victorian, WW2 & Modern. Custom orders.

Allie Parry of Fredona’s Miniature Dreams has been interested in miniatures since the age of two, although it’s her mum, Sue Chadwick who reminds her that when she was a toddler, she would go up to her large display and bang on the Perspex front, so everything wobbled! It seems Allie would also make miniature food scenes for her toys with necklace chains for spaghetti and beads for fruit and veg.


Allie’s own early memories are of going with her mum and Gran to dolls house fairs at Cresta Court, Altrincham and Stafford. At the time her mum sold room boxes, and no doubt many people will remember her stall, Boxing Clever.


Allie of Stockport, Manchester, began to make her miniatures after getting hold of some Fimo and set to making miniature food items. She didn’t stop until the whole block of Fimo was gone. Learning the craft was very much a trial and error process, teaching herself from books and YouTube.


She has a great interest in history, particularly the Victorian period, which has been inspirational in the things that she makes. One of her own personal dolls houses projects is a Victorian terraced house. Around three years ago she and her mum decided that the time was right for her to try selling at dolls house fairs.


She created Fredona’s Miniature Dreams explaining that the name Fred has been used by the family when people couldn’t remember a person’s name, however, Allie said it wasn’t girly enough, so it got changed to Fredona. She used Fredona as a user- name on a computer game and it became a nickname at college so when setting up her business she decided to use it. Allie reckons she’s always been a bit of a day dreamer, so the name Fredona’s Miniature Dreams was created.


She makes realistic-looking food items in 1/12th and 1/24th scales covering a wide range of time periods from Tudors, Georgian, Victorian, WW2 right through to modern day foods. Plus, Allie is only too happy to make items to order.


She says, “I am more than happy to have a go at ‘made to order’ requests, as these give me the ideas to then make new stock items.  I am building my stock on Etsy and I would love to sell more items abroad.”


“It has been such fun being welcomed into the dolls house fair community and Mum is enjoying catching up with stall holders she knew over 20 years ago.  She’s now kept busy as my driver, admin and accountant.”


Allie will be making her debut appearance at the Autumn Miniatura Show and admits to being both excited and nervous and really hopes that people will like her products.

Article written by Ann Evans

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