Emma Jane Miniatures

Handmade nursery toys, hand stitched rugs, carpets, samplers.

"I started making bits when I had my first dolls house in about 2006. I then sold some items on ebay, friends and customers contacted me asking if I could make more and thats where it started from. During the early years I was running a large beef sheep corn and dairy farm with my husband so as you can imagine there wasnt much time to indulge in the hobby. About 5 years ago we retired from farming and I decided to dedicate my time to making miniatures full time.

I had a website set up and it has gone from there. I only started attending fairs last year and have enjoyed them so much it will be something I will continue to do. I had always attended Doreen Jeffries' Stafford and Leeds fairs as a buyer and it was actually my father who encourage me to attend as a exhibitor. He contacted me to say he had seen the Stafford fair was commng up and he had contacted Doreen to see if there were any stalls available and how much they were. When he told me I should go I replied "Oh no..... I couldnt"  "Why" he asked. I then realised there was no reason why. With 3 days to spare we quickly  made a makeshift stand and I attended the fair. It was wonderful meeting all the other lovely exhibitors and  hearing all the lovely comments from the customers. I sold out of most of my items and couldnt wait for the next event.

It was at one of these fairs that Muriel & Bob Hopwood saw my work. I had always been to Miniatura as a customer, admiring the wonderful craftsmen around. Depressingly I couldnt afford the items I really wanted. Colin Bird chairs are one of the most wonderful creations I have seen and Tarbena furniture is what I would like to furnish my house with if funds allowed. I would never ever have imagined I would be once exhibiting there, in the same hall as these craftsmen, but here I am, due to exhibit in Autumn 2014 and I still cannot believe it. I've always described my work as cute, charming and unique but I never thought of it being alongside work that I've admired for so long.

It's funny because if you have 10 ladies each making a doll with the same bits, same fabric and everyhing, you can be assured each one will be completely different. Ladies say to me "Oh you are so clever.... I couldnt make it" but what I tell them is that they could, that your dolls house is unique to you and it is the little handmade bits, made with love that makes it special, so everything made by anyone to go in their house is worth it.

I have a very supporting husband who never complains the housework isnt done or the tea is cooked. He is happy to let me go out into my workshop, which is a summer house in the garden, all day every day. My father has also supported me, starting the whole thing off by buying me my dolls house and setting up my workshop. I consider myself to have one of the best jobs and I never get tired of making something new.”

A show for everyone who loves miniatures. Started in 1983 and currently at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK twice a year. The show regularly features the finest miniature craftspeople from around the world.


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