Ellie De Lacy Miniatures

Handmade printed books, leatherbound with blind tooling, hand stitched. paintings & prints.

Ellie de Lacy and her husband, Neil create beautiful prints from original paintings, and leather- bound hand-stitched books in 1/12th scale. The elaborate prints are in gold frames from original artists from the Tudor to Edwardian eras. As well as individual hand-stitched books, the couple make solid books and book blocks, idea for doll’s house bookshelves.

Ellie was first taught to paint by her artist father, John de Lacy, and she was a member of the Hilliard Society of Miniaturists. She has temporarily stepped aside from that to concentrate on the books and prints, but is toying with fantasy art.

Ellie first learned how to book-bind on the internet. Then she found a man living in France, Richard Norman, who mentored her and helped her to source miniature tools and leather. “Making the books is just practice, you find that each one will be better than the one before,” said Ellie, who has made hundreds of books now, and has around 200 titles, including Bibles, one being the Gutenberg Bible incorporating 50 pages.

Their miniatures have gone all over the world as far away as Australia. Plus, they are supporting the National Trust and Upton House by providing 11 prints of the original paintings that hang in the real Upton House, for the 1/12th scale version of the house that is currently being furnished.

The couple tend to do four fairs a year, Kensington and Miniatura, and Ellie says she has made many friends through the fairs. “People bring along photos of their dolls houses with our miniatures in them, which is lovely to see.  And making these miniatures is fabulous therapy!”

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