Beith Miniatures

Fine quality handmade period furniture, incorporating marquetry & inlay.

The exquisite handmade wooden furniture of Beith Miniatures is made by David Poole in 1/12th scale, mainly based on the Georgian/Regency period.

David uses mahogany to make such elegant items as a grandfather clock, a piano, games tables, a desk and smaller items such as a cheese coaster and a wine bottle tray, often incorporating marquetry and inlay. The pieces typically take from a few days to about a month to make.

Even as a child he has always liked making small things, such as balsa wood furniture for his sisters. Then in his twenties he made radio-controlled aircraft.

In his career he had experience in designing, while the practical side of furniture making was self-taught – with some help from his wife’s relative as well as attending a few short courses.

“I made my wife, Sarah a doll’s house in 1994 and then started to furnish it,” said David. “At the same time a relative of Sarah was teaching me how to make full size furniture. I started selling the miniatures when I was made redundant and I have been making them commercially since 2005."

“My wife always helps me to choose new pieces to design,” added David. “And I find the researching and designing of new pieces the most enjoyable part of the process. Sarah also helps me at the shows.”

You’ll find Beith Miniatures at Kensington, Miniatura and Thame.

A show for everyone who loves miniatures. Started in 1983 and currently at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK twice a year. The show regularly features the finest miniature craftspeople from around the world.


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