Amanspeak Miniatures

1/12th scale miniature food.

Welcome back to the world of miniatures to Amanda Speakman – Amanspeak Miniatures, who returned to Miniatura after a 3-year break. Amanda and her 11-year-old daughter, Abbie had a delicious array of foods on their stand, including some that Abbie – following in mum's footsteps, had made.


Amanda of Skelmersdale near Liverpool began making miniatures about nine years ago. But when she created a website for her miniature foods alongside running a second business, it resulted in her being inundated with orders – far more than she could handle. And the problem was, she didn't want to turn anyone away.


“All my customers were lovely people and I didn't like to say no to anyone,” said Amanda. “I didn't want to let anyone down. I was also getting orders from the States who wanted 10 and 12 items at a time. I took on too much work and it spoiled it for me.”


She decided to take a break, but found that she really missed making her miniatures. So after three years away from the scene she returned, full of enthusiasm, and this time she intends keeping a tight rein on things and not getting inundated. She explained that there would be no website and she will only be selling at fairs.


At the Spring show she was thrilled when old customers came up and welcomed her back. “I am definitely not going to let it spoil what I do again,” Amanda promised. “I'm not going to let it take the fun out of modelling for me.”

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