Spring Miniatura - The 70th Event!
NEC, Birmingham, UK
24th & 25th March 2018
Future Show Dates - 22nd - 23rd September 2018

[S] Unimat 1 Classic (including demonstration) also current copy of Hobby's Model Makers Year book.

[C] Individually designed handmade miniature houses & cottages. Computer generated plans. Handmade resin mouldings.

[C] Small Handmade Sculptures, fairies, monkeys etc. Small Bears, Rabbits etc.

[R] Original designs of 1/12 scale carpets, cushions & mats, available as kits or patterns.

[C] Handmade cottages, furniture and kits in various scales inspired by the Lake District.

[C] Handmade curtains, hats, hat boxes, miniature knitting, dressed items & finishing touches. Fabrics & silks.

Dolls. Swiss clocks. Lights.

[C] Handmade special edition bathrooms, period kitchens, agas, fireplaces, etc.

[C] Handmade porcelain dolls, dressed, assembled & kits.

Handmade items for house, garden & shop.