Autumn Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
22nd & 23rd September 2018
Future Show Dates - March 2019 Dates TBA

Bespoke dollshouses & resin mouldings.

[S] Huge range of paper flower kits in 1/12th & 1/24th scales. Related D.I.Y. items.

[C] Individual, unique hand-crafted 1/12th dolls house accessories and craft items.

[C] Dressed dolls. Victorian to present day hats for all occasions and related accessories. Bridal specialities.

[C] Distressed 16th C. & Country-style hand-crafted furniture.

Conservatories, garden items. Copperware.

[C] English period food. Period flower arrangements. Some period kitchen accessories.

[C] Household items in brass & nickel silver; eg. beds, scales, gongs. Knitting needles 16 - 24, wools, threads, etc.

Handcrafted period furniture.

[C] 34-84 h.p.i. Needlepoint on silk gauze, cushions, firescreens, footstools, bell pulls, kneelers etc. Kits & finished