Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA

[C] Unique hand-sculpted character figures by Carol Bull. Commissions.

[C] 1/12 & 1/24 turnery. Standard, table & Art Deco style lamps from local & exotic woods, Corian, acrylics and resins.

[R] Collective of artist miniature bears.

[R] Reutter porcelain boxed miniatures, teasets, furniture & bathrooms. 1/12 & 1/24th.

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About Us

Miniatura is a highly specialised visitor attraction event established in 1983 and entirely dedicated to the amazing hobby of domestic modelling in 1/12th and related scales. The 'one-inch-to-the-foot' scale, as it has always been universally known, is now complimented by other related scales, namely 1/24th [half-scale] and 1/48th [quarter scale] and even 1/144th which enables dolls' houses to fit into dolls' houses.

Deb Jackson DesignsIf you have ever thought that dolls' houses are only toys for children - think again! Dedicated dolls' house collectors are almost exclusively adults, and discerning ones at that. They regularly travel across oceans and continents to meet, place orders with, and buy from, the good craftsmen [and women] who make exquisite, perfectly scaled, museum quality, models in miniature.

The hobby is believed to account for about a quarter of the traditional toy-making sector according to an analysis by the DTI and the British Toymakers Guild. There are currently in excess of four hundred independent crafts businesses making their living by creating scale model buildings and the miniatures that go into them across Britain alone. World wide the hobby is a great deal bigger with specialist craftsmen now working in most countries. Many of them have full order books, some with waiting lists of over two years, whilst others work only to commission. The majority have regular, steady, work and market their work in much the same way as do all craftsmen. The best can be seen at the Miniatura® events held twice yearly at the National Exhibition Centre.

David EdwardsSeeing is believing, and to see the incredible quality and intricate detail which goes into the production of each minute but almost unbelievably perfect miniature is an unforgettable experience. Surely, you may think there can be nothing special about making a miniature vase, carving a tiny oak chest, or creating a small copper kettle? OK, you try! Remember it must be exactly to scale, therefore to begin, measure a normal size item - in inches - and divide by twelve. Easy, isn't it? Did you remember to check the thickness of the edges, size of the handles, and what about the grain of the wood?  Maybe you could weave a carpet? It must lie flat when finished, have a design that has been reduced in scale, and be twelve times thinner that a normal carpet. What about blowing a glass bowl, or making a pewter tankard, or even knitting a shawl or sweater? Perhaps you feel that knitting must be easy. Just find some fine pure silk sewing thread, and two pieces of fine piano wire or sewing needles and off you go, with the same number of stitches as for a full size garment of course.

Top Toise DesignsWhy not come along to the Spring or Autumn event at the NEC and see the wonderful work for yourself. Maybe try your hand at one of the short 'taster' workshops, watch a demonstration, talk to the talented craftsmen, see the magazines and books which can tell you so much more, and prepare to be amazed by this absorbing hobby which has changed so many peoples lives for the better since they discovered the magical Miniatura shows.


Travel, Tourism and Accommodation

Bimingham Convention & Visitor Bureau This is one of the best sites for finding accommodation.

Bimingham101 A great site telling you what's going on in the Birmingham area.

Hotels - This listing is provided for your information. The organisers of Miniatura are unable to offer opinions about the quality of the hotels nor do we accept responsibility for any problems regarding booking issues or service provision.

Birmingham Metropole 0121 780 4242 On site NEC

Holiday Inn Express 0121 782 3222 On site NEC

Premier Lodge 0870 990 6326 On site NEC

Arden Hotel 01675 44 3221 - 5 Minute walk from the NEC

Widney Court Bed and Breakfast0121 705 6105 - 3 milesfrom the NEC

Ibis Holloway Circus Hotel 0121 622 4925 - 25 minutes from NEC

Travel Inn 0870 197 7231 - 20 minutes from NEC

Coventry Hill Hotel 02476 402151 - 5 miles from NEC

Ardencote Manor Hotel 01926 843111 - 14 miles from NEC Based in Historic Warwick

Sheridan House Hotel 0121 5542185 - 20 minutes from NEC

Woodland House Hotel 01827 311567 Hopwas near Tamworth Near the M42

Hotel Metro 01530 279500 Junction 11, M42 18 miles from NEC on motorway network.

Grassroots 01675 442491 - 3 miles from NEC

Ladybird Lodge 01527 889900 - 20 minutes from NEC Good rail links.

The White House 0121 779 4357 - 1.5 miles from NEC WEB

Grimscote Manor 01675 464222 - 2 miles from NEC Good rail links.

Bridge House Hotel 0121 7065900

Menzies Barons Court Hotel 01543 452020 - 12 miles from NEC

The Birmingham Hotel 0121 604 8111 - 8 miles from NEC

Visitor Information

crowdslotWe hope you get the most out of your visit to Miniatura and will do everything to help and welcome you.

Spring Miniatura
& 30th March 2014

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