Autumn Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
22nd & 23rd September 2018
Future Show Dates - Spring Miniatura 30th & 31st March 2019

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Printable List

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The Printable List of Exhibitors

The full list of exhibitors for the Autumn 2018 Miniatura

Don't forget you can take a look at our gallery of exhibitors coming to the next show     



A B Miniatures                                                               E 4


ABC-Tedi Bach Hug                                                        F 1


Adrian Thompson                                                          W 1


Alison Davies Miniatures                                                W 8


Amanspeak Miniatures                                                   F 5


Arlette's Miniatures                                                         J 2


Armistice House                                                            W32


Artforge                                                                        K14


Bags Of Character                                                         K 7


Barbara's Mouldings                                                      W13


Bear Cabin Miniatures                                                    F 4


Beith Miniatures                                                             J13


Blue Riband Fabrics                                                       W31


British Polymer Clay Guild                                              W20


Bromley Craft Products Ltd                                            W26


C & D Crafts                                                                  J 7


Cancer Research UK                                                      W14


Carol Smith                                                                   B 4


Cinen                                                                            J 5


Costume Cavalcade                                                       K11


Country Contrast                                                                W 4


Country Treasures                                                          J 6


Criss Cross Miniatures                                                   E 9


Curious Oddities                                                            W18


D B Miniatures                                                               C 9


D.C.T. Miniature Fashions                                              E 5


Dateman Books                                                             K 1


Dee-Daw Designs                                                          W12


Delph Miniatures                                                            J 4


Deluxe Materials Ltd.                                                     G 1


Dolls House Concept                                                     W21


Dolls House Direct                                                         W28


Dream Home Miniatures                                                 W27


Eggers Delight & Elite Designs                                      W 5


EH Miniatures                                                                F 3


Elisabeth Causeret                                                         K 6


Elite Petite Interiors                                                        G 4


Ella-Rose Miniatures                                                      K 4


Ellie De Lacy Miniatures                                                 K12


Emma Jane Miniatures                                                   K10


Enchantedolls                                                                C 3


Escutcheon                                                                   B 7


Five Valley Bears                                                           D 8


Franal Miniature Bridal Designs                                       D 5


Glasscraft Miniatures Ltd.                                               A 8


Glorious Twelfth                                                             E 1


Grace Mary Miniatures                                                    G 5


Halls Miniature Clocks                                                    A 1


Harlands Of Hedon                                                        A 5


Hearth And Home Miniatures                                          W29


Herdwick Landscapes                                                    D 2


The Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures                       K 3


J & A Supplies                                                              W10


Jacqueline Crosby Miniatures                                         B 9


Jan Southerton - The Flower Lady                                   K16


Jane Davies                                                                  D 6


Jane Harrop                                                                   C 1


Jane Laverick                                                                A 9


Jennifers Of Walsall                                                       W22


Josephine Parnell                                                          F11


Julie Campbell Doll Artist                                               E 3


Kastle Kelm Miniatures                                                   A 2


Kate Pinsent Dolls                                                         C 4


Kattykorner                                                                    J14


Laurence & Angela St.Leger                                           F 2


Les Petits Chapeaux De Coralie                                      F 9


Lisa Tabbanor Miniature Character Dolls                          A 7


Little House At The Priory                                               F 6


Little Houses Plus & Small World Products                     W19


Little Trimmings                                                             D 1


Lucille Locket                                                                C 2


The Luggage Lady                                                         F 8


Magpies Dolls House Miniatures                                     W25


Malcolm's Miniatures                                                      B10


Masters Miniatures                                                         H 5


Michael R Miniatures                                                      D 7


Mike Sparrow                                                                E10


Mi-Knit-Ure                                                                    H 6


Mini Fashion Exclusives                                                 J11


Mini Mcgregor                                                               E 8


Miniature Mansions                                                        E 6


The Miniature Needlework Society                                   W17


Mollies Exclusive Designs                                              W30


Newton Wood Miniatures                                                A 4


Norman D. Whiting H.S.                                                 K 8


Ottervale China By Anne Dalton                                      C 6


Pan Miniatures                                                               E 7


Pandora's Box Miniatures                                               H 2


Pat Kay Miniatures                                                         D 3


Paul Briggs Of Nottingham                                             B 5


Pauline's Miniature Packages                                         K 9


Perri's Miniatures                                                           G 2


Petite Properties                                                            J10


Petite Properties Demo Stand                                        J 9


Pocket People                                                               J12


Present Address                                                            K15


Pride Of Plaice                                                              W 7


Queen Elizabeth Doll Houses                                         J 8


Ray Storey Lighting                                                           W 6


Robert Stubbs Dolls Houses                                          W11


Romney Miniatures                                                        J 1


Rugby Miniaturists                                                         W16


S & W Golland                                                               B 6


Seaside Miniatures                                                         C 8


The Secret Garden                                                         A 3


Severn Models                                                              H 1


Shepherd Miniatures                                                      H 3


Shoebutton Bears                                                          A 6


The Silk Route                                                               H 4


Simply Silk Miniatures                                                    W 9


Smallsorts                                                                     K13


Stacey's Miniature Masonry                                            W23


Stephen J Randall                                                          D 9


Stokesay Ware                                                              W 2


Susan Bembridge Designs                                             B 2


Sussex Crafts                                                                W24


Sylvia's Mini Knits                                                          C 7


Tarbena Miniatures                                                         W 3


Teeny Weeny Teddies & Friends                                     B 3


Thimblemins                                                                  K 5


Tiny Tails Miniatures                                                       F 7


Top Toise Design                                                          B 1


Twisted Miniatures                                                         E 2


Valerie Claire Miniatures                                                 E11


Vanessa's Dolls                                                             H 7


Veronica Ann Pickup                                                      D 4


Veronique Cornish                                                         F10


Vicanna Vintage                                                             G 3


Warley Model Railway Club                                            W15


The Wee Property Centre                                                C 5


Woodside Dolls                                                             J 3


World Of My Own & Rob Lucas Miniatures                      K 2


Yvonne's Dollhouse                                                      G 6




D11 A B Miniatures
H 1 ABC - Tedi Bach Hug
W29 Adrian Thompson
C 4 Alison Davies Miniatures
B 2 Al'turn'ative Proportions
B 7 Amanspeak Miniatures
B 4 Arlette's Miniatures
W 2 Barbara's Mouldings
E 2 Bear Cabin Miniatures
J 3 Beith Miniatures
J 8 Bindels Ornaments
W10 Blue Riband Fabrics
W18 British Polymer Clay Guild
W 8 Bromley Craft Products Ltd
F 5 C & D Crafts
W14 Cancer Research UK
E 8 Carol Smith
W 6 Country Contrast
F 9 Country Treasures
E10 Criss Cross Miniatures
X 2 Curious Oddities
H 5 D B Miniatures
J10 D.C.T. Miniature Fashions
F 1 Dateman Books
W 7 Dee-Daw Designs
G 3 Delph Miniatures
D 7 Dolls House (High Wycombe)
W11 Dolls House Concept
W27 Dolls House Direct
W 9 Dream Home Miniatures
W24 Eggers Delight & Elite Designs
H 3 EH Miniatures
A10 Eleisa
B 1 Elite Petite Interiors
E 3 Ellie De Lacy Miniatures
 E (cont)
C 7 Emma Jane Miniatures
G 8 Enchantedolls
E 5 Escutcheon
B 3 Five Valley Bears
J 6 Franal Miniature Bridal Designs
D 5 Glasscraft Miniatures Ltd.
B11 Glorious Twelfth
H 8 Grace Mary Miniatures
C10 Halls Miniature Clocks
A 5 Harlands Of Hedon
W28 Hearth And Home Miniatures
D10 Herdwick Landscapes
F12 Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures
W23 J & A Supplies
E 4 Jacqueline Crosby Miniatures
D 2 Jan Southerton - The Flower Lady
A 1 Jane Harrop
G 2 Jeff Mewies
W25 Jennifers Of Walsall
H11 Josephine Parnell
C 9 Julie Campbell Doll Artist
C 3 Kastle Kelm Miniatures
A 7 Kate Pinsent Dolls
E12 Kattykorner
F11 Lisa Tabbanor Miniature Character Dolls
A 9 Little Hatter
F 7 Little House At The Priory
W19 Little Houses Plus & Small World Products
D 1 Little Trimmings
J 9 Luggage Lady
F 2 Mad Hatter
 M (cont)
W20 Magpies Dolls House Miniatures
C 1 Malcolm's Miniatures
W26 Maria's Fabrics
C 2 Marivi Sacristan Miniaturas
H 2 Masters Miniatures
C 8 Michael R Miniatures
B 9 Mi-Knit-Ure
E 9 Mini Fashion Exclusives
J 5 Mini Mcgregor
B 5 Miniature Mansions
W15 Miniature Needlework Society
W 5 Mollies Exclusive Designs
A 2 Newton Wood Miniatures
E11 No.1 Elite Designs
J 1 Nordwain
H 4 Norman D. Whiting H.S.
E 6 Ottervale China By Anne Dalton
G 1 Pan Miniatures
J 2 Pandora's Box Miniatures
F 3 Pat Kay Miniatures
D 4 Penny's Toys
F10 Perri's Miniatures
H10 Petite Properties
F 8 Present Address
W22 Pride Of Plaice
W17 Queen Elizabeth Doll Houses
W 3 Ray Storey Lighting
E 1 Romney Miniatures
B 6 S & W Golland
D 9 Sally Reader Miniatures
B 8 Seaside Miniatures
H 9 Secret Garden
D 6 Severn Models
G 5 Shepherd Miniatures
 S (cont)
A 4 Shoebutton Bears
G 6 Silk Route
A 3 Simply Silk Miniatures
W16 Small Scale Fiddlers
G 4 Smallsorts
W21 Stacey's Miniature Masonry
J 7 Stephen J Randall
W 1 Stokesay Ware
D 8 Susan Bembridge Designs
W 4 Sussex Crafts
C 6 Sylvia's Mini Knits
 T U
J 4 Teeny Weeny Teddies & Friends
G 7 Thimblemins
A 6 Twisted Miniatures
C 5 Valerie Claire Miniatures
E 7 Vanessa's Dolls
F 4 Veronica Ann Pickup
H 7 Vicanna Vintage
A 8 Victoria Fasken
 W X
W13 W. Hobby Ltd
W12 Warley Model Railway Club
H 6 Wee Property Centre
G 9 Westie Bears
F 6 WHB Miniatures
D 3 Woodside Dolls
B10 World Of My Own & Rob Lucas Miniatures
 Y Z
G10 Yvonne's Dollhouse

Details in this show guide are correct at time of going to press.




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Travel, Tourism and Accommodation

Bimingham Convention & Visitor Bureau This is one of the best sites for finding accommodation.

Bimingham101 A great site telling you what's going on in the Birmingham area.

Hotels - This listing is provided for your information. The organisers of Miniatura are unable to offer opinions about the quality of the hotels nor do we accept responsibility for any problems regarding booking issues or service provision.

Birmingham Metropole 0121 780 4242 On site NEC

Holiday Inn Express 0121 782 3222 On site NEC

Premier Lodge 0870 990 6326 On site NEC

Arden Hotel 01675 44 3221 - 5 Minute walk from the NEC

Widney Court Bed and Breakfast0121 705 6105 - 3 milesfrom the NEC

Ibis Holloway Circus Hotel 0121 622 4925 - 25 minutes from NEC

Travel Inn 0870 197 7231 - 20 minutes from NEC

Coventry Hill Hotel 02476 402151 - 5 miles from NEC

Ardencote Manor Hotel 01926 843111 - 14 miles from NEC Based in Historic Warwick

Sheridan House Hotel 0121 5542185 - 20 minutes from NEC

Woodland House Hotel 01827 311567 Hopwas near Tamworth Near the M42

Hotel Metro 01530 279500 Junction 11, M42 18 miles from NEC on motorway network.

Grassroots 01675 442491 - 3 miles from NEC

Ladybird Lodge 01527 889900 - 20 minutes from NEC Good rail links.

The White House 0121 779 4357 - 1.5 miles from NEC WEB

Grimscote Manor 01675 464222 - 2 miles from NEC Good rail links.

Bridge House Hotel 0121 7065900

Menzies Barons Court Hotel 01543 452020 - 12 miles from NEC

The Birmingham Hotel 0121 604 8111 - 8 miles from NEC

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Information for Visitors

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Visitor Information

crowdslotWe hope you get the most out of your visit to Miniatura and will do everything to help and welcome you.