Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA

Twisted Miniatures

Halloween and "spooky" themed miniatures


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We (Tina & Andy) first got into miniatures 12-15 years ago. We visited many miniature fairs and after making things for our own houses we decided to try and sell some of our work, which was very well received, and we have never looked back.

We both made beds for our first ever miniature, Tina's had a Christmas theme, Andy's was inspired by Halloween. Tina has a shed which is technically her work space but spends a lot of the time actually working on the living room floor. Andy has a big dollshouse room which she uses for making her miniatures in. Christmas and Halloween have always been our favourite seasons, they inspire our imagination because both are such rich sources of ideas.

We have sold all over the world especially to America and have taken on commission work including, autopsy tables, brains, film characters, mandrakes, owls, gothic fireplaces and much more. We always enjoy these requests for miniatures.

It's hard to say exactly how much time goes into each piece as we work on many things all at the same time, whilst one thing is drying we are creating something else, it's a constant process. Possibly the hardest challenge is when we are working in resin, getting it to set is an art that we are always trying to improve upon. We never give up looking for new techniques, materials and ideas to make our work better and better. It's all about experimenting with different glues, materials etc to get it 100% perfect for the customers.

Our favourite part of selling at shows is meeting the people and we are looking forward to being at Miniatura. We have always loved visiting as there are so many artists in one place and now we get to be one of them!