Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA


[C] OOAK miniature polymer clay dolls.


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My name is Timea. Originally from Hungary, I came to England in 2005. I discovered the miniature world in one of our visits to some historical places, when I was amazed by the details of the creations and a creativity of the makers. Since then I was hooked.

I Started to research and sculpt using polymer clay around 6 years ago. I am self taught, using books and online sources.
I got better better with practice, I feel I am always learning and evolving.

We have a small spare room which is my workshop. Time just fly when I am in there, among my little creations.
As I have got a full time job ,I try to spend as much time as possible to create in my spare time . Its never enough though .
My first dolls were a present for my parents in law's 50th wedding anniversary.
They were very pleased ,there face lit up when they saw the little forever dancing couple I made for them .
It is just such a nice feeling when my dolls make people smile.
Since then I gave lots of my dolls away as presents and sold some on ebay.
I am very much looking forward to exhibit in Miniatura .