Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA


Treehouses, fairies & witches.

[C] Handmade fairy treehouses and fey creatures such as witches, pixies and fairies.

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I was a copy artist for years but started to become interested in more three dimensional work like mosaics, etc. My original creations stemmed from the desire to see my work come out of the picture and become more life-like. I wanted to walk round my work. The first treehouse was a series of experiments and I did not really know what i was creating but when it was finished I realised that I wanted to explore this fantasy world i had brought to life. I make my own books, plants and all manner of little objects and my little pixies, witches & fairies, though very labour intensive, are a joy to create. My work continues to evolve, change and develop and the differences between the first treehouse and the most recent ones are profound. 

I have attended Miniatura on a regular basis over the years and, naturally, have fond memories of the stalls that focused on fantasy. I have since developed friendships with some of these companies.

I am happy to take on commissions and, at this present time, I have three. All are special but also different, a witchy one, a desert one and a classic cottage kitchen.

I work in my kitchen but would love to build a workshop studio in my garden I would like it to be round and maybe a little like my treehouses. This is my obstacle, space, i need more space. I work half the week as a nurse and the other half i spend creating. I source many materials from the environment and I love the woods, it's my dream to live in a house in the woods creating fantasy.