Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA

Gek Miniature Art


[C] Original miniature paintings in oil & water colour, based on works of artists such as Turner, Monet, Degas & Renoir.

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Gek Miniature Art

My first miniature painting was created in 2010 motivated by my husband, David who took up building dollhouses as a hobby in the early 1990s. After much persuasion from him, I created a miniature version of my first ever oil painting to decorate one of his dollhouses. I never thought of painting miniatures ‘full-time’ until January 2015. Inspired by the works of my favourite artist, J.M. W. Turner, I started to reproduce his paintings in miniature form. I found myself hooked on miniatures. Being an artist involved in creating full-size oil paintings on canvases as big as 100cm by 190cm, I am amazed that I can create such tiny paintings at my age.

My current repertoire of miniature works includes reproduction portraits and landscape by Turner, Degas, Monet, Renoir and Vermeer. I do not reproduce the artists’ paintings in exact detail, I prefer an impressionist style particularly in landscape paintings, and elicit an expression on the face in the portraits. The medium used for my works are oil on canvas, some in water-colours, ink and pencils.

At the Miniatura Autumn Show, a 1/12 scale model art gallery will be used to display the paintings. This art gallery is based on the architecture of a shophouse in Penang, Malaysia.


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