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Pat Kay Toys & Dolls

[R] A range of exclusive hand made toys & gollies. Hand painted furniture. Also Xmas decorations.

I started collecting, making and selling miniatures approximately 35 years ago.

At that time I knew little of the miniaturist world, my main thing was antique dolls houses and it started when I had a small antique shop near my home, and people started to bring dolls houses and furniture to my shop. After a few years I had so many houses (unsold) I needed to find an outlet for them, this is when I discovered miniature fairs. The first time I saw what wonderful items one could buy I was hooked. The rest is history.

I started painting pottery and small items of furniture, then found artisans who you could make things for me, I have continued designing items for a few people who make for me. I have many exclusive toys and dolls and now I am much free-er I can go to shows that I was unable to. I love meeting the keen enthuiast who will travel all the place just to visit a miniature fair, and I look forward to Cranmore Park.

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