Autumn Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
22nd & 23rd September 2018
Future Show Dates - March 2019 Dates TBA


[C] Carriages & market carts...

[C] 1/12th scale handmade miniature carriages & market carts. Dressed dolls.

David & Neta Blenkey made their first appearance at Miniatura in Spring 2014 but many visitors will know their excellent carriages from a long time before that. As with all handcrafted work attention to detail is uppermost in David’s mind when he is constructing his wagons and carriages. Neta tells us “The hardest part on the 1/12th scale models is making the wheels, David makes these in the same way as they make the real thing, spokes and all! It has to be like that or they won’t “run” properly, which you need if you want that truly authentic feel.”

They started selling their miniatures at full size horse shows back in 1974 but David has been making all his life, his first piece was a log cart when he was a teenager. Since then carriages have not only taken over their lives but also their home and whilst waiting for the garage to be converted to a workshop every room shows signs of the creative miniaturist that I’m sure we can all appreciate.

You can buy a carriage straight from the stand or order a commission. Customers have had old photographs of the wagon their grandfather used to drive brought to life as a special family heirloom and David and Neta are proud of the work they have done over the years for the Christian Wesnigks Museum in Lubeck.

Tel:- 07972 462932

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