Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA

Little Hatter, The

Ladies period fashions.


Ladies period fashions - hats, hat boxes, corsets, feather fans, parasols & dressing screens. Silk and leather shoes.


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I have been making miniatures for over 25 years, Always been a frustrated lover and maker of Art and crafts pottery is my first love although my miniatures have taken over. Having lived in a house full of rugby playing men I wanted something feminine and my husband bought me a dolls house after a visit to the Dartmouth dolls house shop, I have a Sid Cooke double fronted Emporium I decided it had to be feminine and pretty so decided on a hat shop.

It started with my neighbour Judith of Crumpled and Rumpled we started making for our own dolls houses and enjoyed it so much branched out to do our first show at the NEC we couldn't believe it we sold out and have not looked back since.

My miniatures have to be perfect I am a perfectionist and I take my time they are all bespoke although I make from my web site and use the same patterns every item is different I tweak my styles so everyone has something different I love a challenge and enjoy special requests I have made hats and outfits from old family pictures to modern day souvenir replicas I will have a go at anything, but my mainstay is my love of old patterns which I find on the web and reconstruct.

Miniatures are a hobby for me I could never churn them out and each and every one is made with passion. I have my own techniques I am self taught and it has taken me years to perfect and I am still on a very big learning curve always looking for new ideas and skills. My inspiration comes from old films many books and pinterest has been a big inspiration, it is full of fashion through the ages.

My next project is quite often my next order, I like to put some materials and laces together and then match to an outfit or I make all my silk and leather shoes from the scraps of material left from cutting a pattern so I will have an evening shoe making to try to keep up my stock.

I have many items I love as a collector myself, I keep all sorts in my display cabinets, but if I find some special material or antique lace I make up items for display I am always trying out new ideas and adding to my collection of miniature teddy bears and miniatures I need to keep my ideas fresh and interesting so try all sorts of different.

I make for a taxidermist so one day I am making old family heirloom lookalikes to top hats for crows and pretty bonnets for field mice, so a varied work load. I send my miniatures world wide most go overseas the people are very interesting and its thanks to the internet I am able to buy fabulous materials and trims and create for passionate like minded people I feel lucky to have such an inspiring interesting and enjoyable hobby.


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