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Ray Storey Lighting

Handmade Dollhouse lighting

Handmade Dollhouse lighting in a Brass or Bronze finish, including  Victorian, Tudor and Georgian.

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I started miniatures in 1989 and my passion has grown ever since. My first miniature was for a lady who came from South Africa and it was for an unlit miniature candelabra. Since then along with a growing demand for unique high quality lighting my business has gone from strength to strength.

I have attended Miniatura since 1993 twice a year. My core business is from customers who have followed me all this time who have moved on from one house to the next. Although in the past I have been approached to undertake commissions which allow for great creativity in my work, specific commissions can and do tend to be very time consuming and reduce time to focus on other aspects of my work. Everything is done from my home which enables me to start early in the morning, one of my favourite times to get on with work without any distractions.

I have attended many fairs over the years including America, (i.e. Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Las Vegas) and across Europe (Germany, Holland, Denmark). I have always enjoyed the experience of meeting miniaturists in person wherever I go. Being at a show gives me the chance to understand what collectors want and to share my knowledge and expertise.


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