Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA

Newton Wood Miniatures

Ships, Figurines, Household Items


[C] Model ships; worn/rusty tools; household items. Art Deco. Figurines.


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Newtonwood Miniatures make a wide range of doll’s house items, using a variety of different materials. They are known for their historic ships, worn and rusty carpenters and garden tools, boxed toy train and soldier sets, figurines, Art Deco items, including fireplaces and clocks.

Andrew and Michelle Pearce of Surrey started Newton Miniatures over 25 years ago. Andrew had studied at art college and qualified as a Graphic Designer but was working in real estate when they decided to take a totally different career path.

The pair were both quite interested in doll’s house miniatures, in fact Andrew had offered to make Michelle a doll’s house. Michelle said: “He first made a model out of cardboard to make sure he got the measurements and dimensions correct, then made the real thing. Unfortunately, it was too big to get in our house – so we had to cut it in half!”

“That was in the 1990’s during the recession,” continued Michelle. “But we decided to start a new business for ourselves. We liked the fact that we would be able to work from home, which made life more flexible around the family. So, we started Newtonwood Miniatures – named after the road we lived in at the time. That was in 1992, and we haven’t stopped since.”

Michelle who is a keen sewer and knitter, took on the admin role so that Andrew could concentrate on making and painting miniatures. She added: “We buy in white metal miniatures and castings which Andrew then paints. He is very skilled in painting and can create all sorts of effects. He’s also into his military history which is reflected in his ships.”

They are also known for their old and worn carpentry and garden tools. Michelle said they were asked at a show whether they had any tools that looked well used. Andrew made some for the customer plus some extra, which proved really popular. And then it was a case of going through all his other tools to give them that used look.

The couple exhibit at around six shows a year, including of course, The Miniatura Show.