Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA

Miniature Craft Room

[C] Individual, unique hand-crafted 1/12th dolls house accessories and craft items.

THE MINIATURE CRAFT ROOM - A fresh new look in to the world of miniatures!


Jane Linda Gaunt creatively and imaginatively designs purely hand-crafted miniature dolls house items, mainly in 1/12th scale. The emphasis is on quality, cuteness, realism and attention to detail.

Each miniature product is individually made in England and Wales, and limited to a maximum of 10 items per batch. Many items are “one of a kind” with the designs, materials and colours constantly changing. Therefore, this allows for a range of products and styles which make the items unique.

The “Knitting Bags”, “Pencil Pots”, “Male & Female Cardigans” and “Hand-Bags” are all proving to be BEST SELLERS, and again this range is being constantly updated to provide fresh variation.

The Miniature Craft Room designs all its own products, nothing is made from kits or from tutorials, it requires a lot of love and patience, and can be very fiddly at times, but derives so much pleasure, it’s the best job in the world!

Having been an avid miniature craft maker and a dolls house enthusiast since childhood, Jane now lovingly produces a collection of miniature items for sale on her website and at the Miniatura fairs.

“It all began for me when I received my first dolls house as a 6 year old child. Unable to afford all the furniture and accessories for it at that time, I set about making my own special little items. I rapidly gained the title of the “Blue Peter Kid” as I always had cardboard, scissors, glue, materials and sticky-back plastic to hand! And this has stuck with me all throughout my adult life!”

In addition to her current range, Jane constantly designs NEW products. These will be added to her website on a regular basis. She is also able to “customise” individual items in various styles/colours upon customer request.

The Miniature Craft Room is able to provide “something different” from the usual imported range of items now so widely available. They are unique for their quirkiness, and for the amount of love that goes in to making them!

“I hope collectors will have as much pleasure in owning these items as I have had in making them!”

WEBSITE :   www.theminiaturecraftroom.co.uk




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