Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA

Wee Property Centre

Pub games, animals & accessories.

Pub games, animals & accessories. Garden ornaments. Selection of hand painted metalware to adorn every room.

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Sue Perkins of The Wee Property Centre makes a massive range of miniatures. She explains the reason being that she likes creating and designing, and using different materials. Sue says: “My problem is, I design and make things, then I get bored and do something different. The number of times I’ve changed direction with my business... I’m as free as a bird!"

Her interest in doll’s houses stems from childhood, although she never got to play with her doll’s house. Sue says: “I had a doll’s house when very young, but it was kept in the garden shed. I wouldn’t play with it because it had spiders in it, so it never got used.”

Sue became a bus driver, and on a particular Brighton route she had a 20 minutes stop. Not wanting  to sit in the bus, she went for a wander and found a doll’s house shop. “I just stood there aghast!” says Sue. “I was amazed at how they managed to make things look so real. After that I just wanted to find more shops to look at all the miniatures.”

Sue decided to make a doll’s house for her daughter, however, her (first) husband wouldn’t let her use any of his tools. Fast forward a few years and with that marriage behind her, Sue married her teenage sweetheart, Tim. He bought her a doll’s house magazine, which was huge eye-opener, and then a band saw with which she made her daughter a doll’s house. Unable to find furniture to fill it suitable to her daughter’s age, Sue then set about making the furniture herself – and has never looked back.

The family moved to Scotland, and now live in Nairn on the Moray Firth coast with their three dogs and 23 chipmunks!  Of late, Sue has been concentrating more on the garden side of things, making ponds and water features. She is also delighted to have finally succeeded – after 20 years of trying, to make aquariums. “I finally found someone who could supply me with suitable clear resin that made the aquariums possible.”

Sue is now a supplier of this resin and she is looking forward to exhibiting her new aquariums – lit by tiny LEDs, along with a whole range of miniatures at the spring Miniatura show.