Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA

Glasscraft Miniatures Ltd.

Handmade glassware.

Variety of handmade glassware, functional and decorative 1/12th; specialising in cranberry.


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Glasscraft 2

Phil Grenyer is a precision miniature glassblower, making exquisite household and decorative miniatures in glass, each piece individually handmade. Phil of Newcastle-upon-Tyne specialises in Cranberry glass and makes a host of lovely ornate items in 1/12th scale.

From punchbowls with tiny punch cups, to decanters and domed cake stands; from soda syphons to demijohns, from fluted vases to knickerbocker glory glasses – and much more.

Phil’s excellence in this specialised field of miniatures comes from his four-and-a-half year apprenticeship working as a glassblower in the laboratory and scientific glassware industry – where precision was paramount. Following his apprenticeship in Newcastle, he then worked in London and Switzerland where he extended his knowledge of glass, before returning to Newcastle.

Phil said: “I started work as an apprentice scientific glassblower making items such as test tubes, coils, condensers, flasks which would be used in laboratories. I worked in that industry until I was in my mid-20s. Then I was made redundant a couple of times, so I decided to work for myself.”

Phil set up a shop on the sea front with Ray Storey, who most visitors to Miniatura will know. “I was making things like ships in bottles and ornamental glass work. One day a lady came in and asked if we could make some miniature glassware, so Ray made her a candelabra. She was impressed and showed us a miniaturist’s magazine, suggesting that we should try this market. I suggested to Ray that we put an advert in the magazine, and whatever work we got from it, we would share. That’s how we both got into miniatures.”

Phil and Ray eventually went in their own specialised directions, with Phil remaining with the more ornamental side of glass miniatures, particularly Cranberry styles of glassware. “To begin with I only had seven or eight pieces,” continued Phil. “But the range of items is now extensive, and I’m always looking for new ideas. People will often get photos and sketches of what they want me to make in miniature.”

Going along to Miniatura shows was something that Phil enjoyed straight away. “The people were very helpful, kind and friendly, and meeting the customers is absolutely lovely.”