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NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
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Cancer Research Uk

[S] CHARITY STAND. Prize draw, donated items & kits to raise money for Cancer Research.

Fundraising for Cancer Research UK by Pat Cutforth

I am often asked why I support this particular charity and I have to admit that it is quite simply because I am afraid of cancer. When I was asked to join our Marlborough committee, I thought at least I could try to fight the disease from inside.  It is gratifying to see what terrific advances have been made through the research that we support: you can visit the website for details.

The first event I dreamt up was a teenage dance. This was a nightmare of preparation, supervision, and – of course – clearing up!  Then I hit upon using my interest in dolls houses to set up a Fair in Marlborough. Before anything else, I rang Muriel Hopwood for advice. She was extremely generous with this, even sending me her list of conditions for exhibitors, so I began to write to all the people whose work I most admired. Luckily many of them agreed to come, probably because all the proceeds were going to what was then the Cancer Research Campaign. We ran the Marlborough Fair for twelve years, making £1643 in the first year and £19,100 in the final one. The difference was due to donations, and these are at the heart of my fund-raising.

Donations pour in continually: houses and buildings of all sorts, furniture and accessories, books and inevitably, magazines.  This last is both our most reliable fund-raiser and also the one that puts fear in my heart, because the sales cannot keep ahead of the supply!  Miniatura, with its 12 foot table given free by the Hopwoods, makes about two-thirds of our revenue each year, and the rest comes from the big sale I hold here at my farm in the Autumn.

Please continue to bring us things to sell, and most importantly, come and buy the wonderful things we are given, knowing that every penny you spend goes direct to Cancer Research UK.


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