Spring Miniatura - The 70th Event!
NEC, Birmingham, UK
24th & 25th March 2018
Future Show Dates - Sept. 2018 TBA

This gallery shows the exhibitors booked so far for the Spring 2018 Show

We will update this page regularly to include exhibitors as they book.




Spring Miniatura - 24th & 25th March 2018

The 70th Miniatura in Birmingham




[R] Collective of artist miniature bears.

Upholstered furniture

[C] Fine quality handmade period furniture, incorporating marquetry & inlay.

[S] Demonstrating the use of polymer clay in making miniatures. Workshop.

[C] Realistic stencil applied brick & stone finishes, inc 1/12th & 1/24th scales. Houses & kits. www.craft-products.com.

[C] Canework of all styles & designs, from lobster pots to plant climbers. Commissions www.miniaturebasket.com

Food & Kitchens

Furniture and cross stitch.

Dressed porcelain dolls.

[C] Modern fixtures & fittings. food for shops; kitchens; TVs etc; gyms, salons, chip shops, dentists, tattoo studio.

[C] Handmade pine, mahogany and oak furniture.


Handsculpted animals

[C] Curtains & soft furnishings...

[C] Handmade printed books, original paintings & prints, art supplies.

Toys, Rugs & Samplers

[C] Period furniture in yew, mahogany, oak etc. Painted & lacquered items. Room displays & accessories.

[C] Fully jointed bears & gollies. Handmade By Ginnie & Nickie.

[C] Variety of handmade glassware, functional and decorative 1/12th; specialising in cranberry.

[C] C15-C19 half-timbered distressed buildings in period trader themes, with antique patina.

[C] Oil on canvas replicas of old masters. Handmade porcelain dolls dressed & in kit form.

[C] 12th & 24th scale working clocks, barometers and fireplaces www.hallsminiatureclocks.com

[C] Handmade items for house, garden & shop. Display boxes & shops.

[C] Handmade cottages, furniture and kits in various scales inspired by the Lake District.

[C] Handmade lamps, railings, leaded windows, architec'l metalwork, fireplaces & wood flooring. Commissions.

[C] Whitewood furniture. [S] Wood supplies and DIY accessories.

[C] Quality handmade wooden miniatures, inc 1/144th furnished houses, inlaid marquetry, Noah's arks, carousels, jigsaws.

[C] 1/12 Flower & foliage pot plants. Filled garden urns, wall pots & sink gardens. Bird tables & dovecotes.

[C] 1/12th, 1/24th & 1/48th scale kits.

[C] Original porcelain, many scales inc. 48th scale dolls and architectural items.

Conservatories, garden items. Copperware.

Miniature bears & kits.

[C] Unique handmade dolls in 1/12th scale bringing life and charm to your miniature world.

[C] Unique witch, wizard, steampunk and grandad's workshops items www.kastlekelm.webs.com

[C] 1/12, 1/24 & 1/48 posable dolls, Tudor to modern. Other characters and periods to order.

[C] Haute couture bridal wear, boudoir & shop accessories...

Furniture and accessories.

[C] Wardrobe & cabin trunks. Leather luggage & other leather items. Handmade patchwork quilts.

[C] Hats for ladies, gentlemen & children, Tudor to present day, plus hat boxes, stands, luggage, accessories.

[C] Cottages, room boxes, figures, furniture, doors & windows and moulds to create realistic brick and stone finishes.

[R] Fabrics, Silks, etc.

[C] 1/12th & 1/24th Hand Knitted Lace.

[C] Dressed dolls. Victorian to present day hats for all occasions and related accessories. Bridal specialities.

1/12th scale stationery and small accessories.

[C] Bespoke dollshouses & resin mouldings.

Ships, Figurines, Household Items

[C] Carriages & market carts...

[C] Paintings of landscapes and seascapes.

[C] Handmade & painted fine bone china by Anne Dalton. Tableware; posies, animal, bird & figure ornaments.

[C] Floral arrangements, curtains, upholstered furniture.

Prams, dolls, fires, mouldings, & electricals.

[C] Whitewoodfurniture assembled ready for finishing. Accessories. Plus range of 1/24th furniture.

[C] Architecture in miniature, "one off" houses & shops. Smaller scale specialist. 1/48 & 1/144 house & furniture kits.

[S] Painting techniques  demonstration. Exhibition...

Handmade Dollhouse lighting

[C] Draped beds inc. four-posters, curtains - many designs, chairs, bedroom furniture. Furniture kits.

[C] 1/12 & 1/24 builders merchants, Tudor dolls house, chimney pots, luxury carpets & accessories. www.romneymin.com

[C] Specialists in Victorian-style black lacquer items.

[C] 1/12th, 1/24th & 1/48th lighthouse, beach huts & accessories for your miniature holiday needs. www.seasideminiatures.co.uk

[C] Upholstered furniture. Saddles & bridles. Fimo food, etc. 1/24th scale hand made suites.

[C] Teddy bears.

[R] Silk brocades, net, organzas, dupion, tissue for dolls. Miniature furnishings, needlework.

[C] Handcrafted 1/12th scale dolls.

[C] Real brick, stone and slate products for cladding dolls houses and models

[C] Finely detailed handmade bone china dinner, tea & bedroom services. Vases & plates.

[C] Makers of over 200 household items. Tudor, Georgian, Victorian. Mail Order catalogue.

[C] 1/12th scale babies and baby accessories. Some fantasy accessories. Handcrafted prams & pushchairs.

[C] 1/12th & 1/24th houses & furniture. C.R.M. designs. Art deco & Victorian houses. Commissions.

Dressed Dolls

[C] Dressed dolls. Wide range of plants & flowers. Fashion items.

[C] Wide range of handpainted accessories including teasets and dinner services.

[C] Pub games, animals & accessories. Garden ornaments. Selection of hand painted metalware to adorn every room.

Cushions, carpets and soft furnishings

[C] 1/12 Scale porcelain dolls house dolls designed & hand crafted by Jill & Caroline Nix.

[C] Dressed dolls & kits. Whitewood furniture. 1/24 dolls & furniture. [R] Accessories

[C] 1/12th Furniture...