Autumn Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
22nd & 23rd September 2018
Future Show Dates - Spring Miniatura 30th & 31st March 2019
Friday, 08 February 2013 14:11
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The Printable List of Exhibitors

The full list of exhibitors for the Autumn 2018 Miniatura

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A B Miniatures                                                               E 4


ABC-Tedi Bach Hug                                                        F 1


Adrian Thompson                                                          W 1


Alison Davies Miniatures                                                W 8


Amanspeak Miniatures                                                   F 5


Arlette's Miniatures                                                         J 2


Armistice House                                                            W32


Artforge                                                                        K14


Bags Of Character                                                         K 7


Barbara's Mouldings                                                      W13


Bear Cabin Miniatures                                                    F 4


Beith Miniatures                                                             J13


Blue Riband Fabrics                                                       W31


British Polymer Clay Guild                                              W20


Bromley Craft Products Ltd                                            W26


C & D Crafts                                                                  J 7


Cancer Research UK                                                      W14


Carol Smith                                                                   B 4


Cinen                                                                            J 5


Costume Cavalcade                                                       K11


Country Contrast                                                                W 4


Country Treasures                                                          J 6


Criss Cross Miniatures                                                   E 9


Curious Oddities                                                            W18


D B Miniatures                                                               C 9


D.C.T. Miniature Fashions                                              E 5


Dateman Books                                                             K 1


Dee-Daw Designs                                                          W12


Delph Miniatures                                                            J 4


Deluxe Materials Ltd.                                                     G 1


Dolls House Concept                                                     W21


Dolls House Direct                                                         W28


Dream Home Miniatures                                                 W27


Eggers Delight & Elite Designs                                      W 5


EH Miniatures                                                                F 3


Elisabeth Causeret                                                         K 6


Elite Petite Interiors                                                        G 4


Ella-Rose Miniatures                                                      K 4


Ellie De Lacy Miniatures                                                 K12


Emma Jane Miniatures                                                   K10


Enchantedolls                                                                C 3


Escutcheon                                                                   B 7


Five Valley Bears                                                           D 8


Franal Miniature Bridal Designs                                       D 5


Glasscraft Miniatures Ltd.                                               A 8


Glorious Twelfth                                                             E 1


Grace Mary Miniatures                                                    G 5


Halls Miniature Clocks                                                    A 1


Harlands Of Hedon                                                        A 5


Hearth And Home Miniatures                                          W29


Herdwick Landscapes                                                    D 2


The Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures                       K 3


J & A Supplies                                                              W10


Jacqueline Crosby Miniatures                                         B 9


Jan Southerton - The Flower Lady                                   K16


Jane Davies                                                                  D 6


Jane Harrop                                                                   C 1


Jane Laverick                                                                A 9


Jennifers Of Walsall                                                       W22


Josephine Parnell                                                          F11


Julie Campbell Doll Artist                                               E 3


Kastle Kelm Miniatures                                                   A 2


Kate Pinsent Dolls                                                         C 4


Kattykorner                                                                    J14


Laurence & Angela St.Leger                                           F 2


Les Petits Chapeaux De Coralie                                      F 9


Lisa Tabbanor Miniature Character Dolls                          A 7


Little House At The Priory                                               F 6


Little Houses Plus & Small World Products                     W19


Little Trimmings                                                             D 1


Lucille Locket                                                                C 2


The Luggage Lady                                                         F 8


Magpies Dolls House Miniatures                                     W25


Malcolm's Miniatures                                                      B10


Masters Miniatures                                                         H 5


Michael R Miniatures                                                      D 7


Mike Sparrow                                                                E10


Mi-Knit-Ure                                                                    H 6


Mini Fashion Exclusives                                                 J11


Mini Mcgregor                                                               E 8


Miniature Mansions                                                        E 6


The Miniature Needlework Society                                   W17


Mollies Exclusive Designs                                              W30


Newton Wood Miniatures                                                A 4


Norman D. Whiting H.S.                                                 K 8


Ottervale China By Anne Dalton                                      C 6


Pan Miniatures                                                               E 7


Pandora's Box Miniatures                                               H 2


Pat Kay Miniatures                                                         D 3


Paul Briggs Of Nottingham                                             B 5


Pauline's Miniature Packages                                         K 9


Perri's Miniatures                                                           G 2


Petite Properties                                                            J10


Petite Properties Demo Stand                                        J 9


Pocket People                                                               J12


Present Address                                                            K15


Pride Of Plaice                                                              W 7


Queen Elizabeth Doll Houses                                         J 8


Ray Storey Lighting                                                           W 6


Robert Stubbs Dolls Houses                                          W11


Romney Miniatures                                                        J 1


Rugby Miniaturists                                                         W16


S & W Golland                                                               B 6


Seaside Miniatures                                                         C 8


The Secret Garden                                                         A 3


Severn Models                                                              H 1


Shepherd Miniatures                                                      H 3


Shoebutton Bears                                                          A 6


The Silk Route                                                               H 4


Simply Silk Miniatures                                                    W 9


Smallsorts                                                                     K13


Stacey's Miniature Masonry                                            W23


Stephen J Randall                                                          D 9


Stokesay Ware                                                              W 2


Susan Bembridge Designs                                             B 2


Sussex Crafts                                                                W24


Sylvia's Mini Knits                                                          C 7


Tarbena Miniatures                                                         W 3


Teeny Weeny Teddies & Friends                                     B 3


Thimblemins                                                                  K 5


Tiny Tails Miniatures                                                       F 7


Top Toise Design                                                          B 1


Twisted Miniatures                                                         E 2


Valerie Claire Miniatures                                                 E11


Vanessa's Dolls                                                             H 7


Veronica Ann Pickup                                                      D 4


Veronique Cornish                                                         F10


Vicanna Vintage                                                             G 3


Warley Model Railway Club                                            W15


The Wee Property Centre                                                C 5


Woodside Dolls                                                             J 3


World Of My Own & Rob Lucas Miniatures                      K 2


Yvonne's Dollhouse                                                      G 6




D11 A B Miniatures
H 1 ABC - Tedi Bach Hug
W29 Adrian Thompson
C 4 Alison Davies Miniatures
B 2 Al'turn'ative Proportions
B 7 Amanspeak Miniatures
B 4 Arlette's Miniatures
W 2 Barbara's Mouldings
E 2 Bear Cabin Miniatures
J 3 Beith Miniatures
J 8 Bindels Ornaments
W10 Blue Riband Fabrics
W18 British Polymer Clay Guild
W 8 Bromley Craft Products Ltd
F 5 C & D Crafts
W14 Cancer Research UK
E 8 Carol Smith
W 6 Country Contrast
F 9 Country Treasures
E10 Criss Cross Miniatures
X 2 Curious Oddities
H 5 D B Miniatures
J10 D.C.T. Miniature Fashions
F 1 Dateman Books
W 7 Dee-Daw Designs
G 3 Delph Miniatures
D 7 Dolls House (High Wycombe)
W11 Dolls House Concept
W27 Dolls House Direct
W 9 Dream Home Miniatures
W24 Eggers Delight & Elite Designs
H 3 EH Miniatures
A10 Eleisa
B 1 Elite Petite Interiors
E 3 Ellie De Lacy Miniatures
 E (cont)
C 7 Emma Jane Miniatures
G 8 Enchantedolls
E 5 Escutcheon
B 3 Five Valley Bears
J 6 Franal Miniature Bridal Designs
D 5 Glasscraft Miniatures Ltd.
B11 Glorious Twelfth
H 8 Grace Mary Miniatures
C10 Halls Miniature Clocks
A 5 Harlands Of Hedon
W28 Hearth And Home Miniatures
D10 Herdwick Landscapes
F12 Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures
W23 J & A Supplies
E 4 Jacqueline Crosby Miniatures
D 2 Jan Southerton - The Flower Lady
A 1 Jane Harrop
G 2 Jeff Mewies
W25 Jennifers Of Walsall
H11 Josephine Parnell
C 9 Julie Campbell Doll Artist
C 3 Kastle Kelm Miniatures
A 7 Kate Pinsent Dolls
E12 Kattykorner
F11 Lisa Tabbanor Miniature Character Dolls
A 9 Little Hatter
F 7 Little House At The Priory
W19 Little Houses Plus & Small World Products
D 1 Little Trimmings
J 9 Luggage Lady
F 2 Mad Hatter
 M (cont)
W20 Magpies Dolls House Miniatures
C 1 Malcolm's Miniatures
W26 Maria's Fabrics
C 2 Marivi Sacristan Miniaturas
H 2 Masters Miniatures
C 8 Michael R Miniatures
B 9 Mi-Knit-Ure
E 9 Mini Fashion Exclusives
J 5 Mini Mcgregor
B 5 Miniature Mansions
W15 Miniature Needlework Society
W 5 Mollies Exclusive Designs
A 2 Newton Wood Miniatures
E11 No.1 Elite Designs
J 1 Nordwain
H 4 Norman D. Whiting H.S.
E 6 Ottervale China By Anne Dalton
G 1 Pan Miniatures
J 2 Pandora's Box Miniatures
F 3 Pat Kay Miniatures
D 4 Penny's Toys
F10 Perri's Miniatures
H10 Petite Properties
F 8 Present Address
W22 Pride Of Plaice
W17 Queen Elizabeth Doll Houses
W 3 Ray Storey Lighting
E 1 Romney Miniatures
B 6 S & W Golland
D 9 Sally Reader Miniatures
B 8 Seaside Miniatures
H 9 Secret Garden
D 6 Severn Models
G 5 Shepherd Miniatures
 S (cont)
A 4 Shoebutton Bears
G 6 Silk Route
A 3 Simply Silk Miniatures
W16 Small Scale Fiddlers
G 4 Smallsorts
W21 Stacey's Miniature Masonry
J 7 Stephen J Randall
W 1 Stokesay Ware
D 8 Susan Bembridge Designs
W 4 Sussex Crafts
C 6 Sylvia's Mini Knits
 T U
J 4 Teeny Weeny Teddies & Friends
G 7 Thimblemins
A 6 Twisted Miniatures
C 5 Valerie Claire Miniatures
E 7 Vanessa's Dolls
F 4 Veronica Ann Pickup
H 7 Vicanna Vintage
A 8 Victoria Fasken
 W X
W13 W. Hobby Ltd
W12 Warley Model Railway Club
H 6 Wee Property Centre
G 9 Westie Bears
F 6 WHB Miniatures
D 3 Woodside Dolls
B10 World Of My Own & Rob Lucas Miniatures
 Y Z
G10 Yvonne's Dollhouse

Details in this show guide are correct at time of going to press.




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