Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
Future Show Dates - TBA

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Miniatura Menu

30th September and 1st October 2017
Catering facilities and ample seating located at the rear of the hall.

Hall 8 Food Express

Two Item Breakfast Baguette, £4.75
Choose from either bacon or sausage, and then one item from the following, button mushrooms, fried egg or grilled tomato.

Jacket potato with filling and mixed leaf salad, from £6.50

Extra filling, £1.95 
Hall 8 Café Bar
Selection of sandwiches, salads, snacks and cakes.

Sub Rolls  
Cheddar Ploughman’s Sub Roll   £5.45
Tuna Nicoise Sub Roll   £5.45

Cartridge Sandwiches 
Roast Chicken Salad Malted Bread Sandwich   £4.35
Prawn Mayonnaise, Oatmeal Bread Sandwich   £4.35
Mature Cheddar Cheese Ploughman’s Malted Bread Sandwich £4.35
Ham and Salad on malted bread- Low Calorie  £4.35
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Malted Bread Sandwich £4.35
Chicken Caesar wrap £4.45
Cajun Chicken Flatbread   £4.45
Mozzarella, Pesto & Tomato Wrap  £4.45
Gluten Free Wraps 
Falafel and red pepper houmous £4.45
Harissa Chicken £4.45

Deli Sandwiches  
Honey roast ham, wholegrain mustard and plum tomato on tomato ciabatta £5.45
Chicken tikka on Arctic flatbread with a spicy pear chutney, mint yoghurt dressing £5.45
Free range egg mayonnaise and bacon with cracked black pepper and rocket on seeded triangle £5.45
Smoked Applewood cheese with rhubarb and Apple chutney on organic white baguette with rocket and red onion £5.45
Flaked tuna mayonnaise with spring onion and little gem lettuce on wholemeal organic baguette £5.45
Falafel & Red Pepper Houmous Salad – Vegan and Gluten free  £5.95
Chicken Orzo Salad  £5.95
Super Food salad with Feta cheese, broccoli, courgette and butternut squash, pomegranate seeds and French dressing  £6.75 


Coffee Filter  Reg £2.55 Large £2.85
Coffee Cappuccino  Reg £2.55 Large £2.85
Coffee Latte  Reg £2.55 Large £2.85
Espresso   Single £1.75 Double £2.10
Caramel shot  £0.50
Hazelnut shot  £0.50
Vanilla shot  £0.50
Tea  Reg £2.25 Large £2.45
Hot chocolate   £2.80
Specialist Teas   £2.40
Pet 500ml bottles  £2.20
Monster Energy/Ultra Can 500ml  £3.00
Capri-Sun Orange 330ml   £2.30
Oasis drinks  £2.30
Mineral water  Reg £1.95 Large £2.50
Pineapple Coconut water   £2.60
Innocent Orange Juice  £2.75
Innocent strawberry & banana smoothies  £2.95
Innocent mango & passion fruit smoothies  £2.95
Naked Smoothies Red  £3.30
Naked Smoothies Green  £3.30
Naked Smoothie Yellow  £3.30
Naked Smoothies Blue  £3.30
Heartsease Farm, Apple and Rhubarb   £2.65
Heartsease Farm, Raspberry Lemonade   £2.65


Want to exhibit


A lot of amateur craftspeople and hobbyists reach a point when they feel they might be ready to show their work to a wider audience. Miniatura is totally committed to promoting the work of miniaturists, has been successfully running since September 1983 and is internationally regarded as one of the best events of it's kind in the world.

Exhibition space, as you might expect,  is very much in demand.

We operate a reserve list system which we refer to when considering  new exhibitors.  To get onto this list please complete the prospective exhibitor form. If you have any trouble accessing the form get in touch with us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 0121 783 9922.

Prospective Exhibitor Form

Please complete the  prospective exhibitor  information form as far as possible. [You may either print it and send to us by post, or fill in and email.] Use the reverse side, or an extra page, for any additional  information you think would be useful, and enclose or email any suitable  photographs.  Photographs  showing items in reasonably close detail and which indicate scale are best. Whilst showing the quality of work to be exhibited is of the most  importance, we do appreciate that not all craftsmen and miniaturists are  necessarily good photographers.

Invitations to our shows are sent to regular  standholders about a year before each show and are usually swiftly taken  up.  The spaces created by anyone  unable to accept allow us to introduce newcomers from those prospective  exhibitors who are on our reserve files.   There are also occasions when a vacancy occurs as a result of a late  cancellation (illness, accident, etc). In either case our policy is to try to  replace like with like in order to maintain the balance of the show.  Please advise us if you would be prepared to  accept a place at the show as a result of a cancellation at short notice.

Advice to new makers, the following is intended to assist newcomers in making a smooth transition to exhibiting at fairs, most is common sense, a lot of it you may already know:

1. Get in touch early. It may well be that you aren't quite ready for a show as large as Miniatura, and it's understandable that you want to get everything right first time. Generally it takes about a year to find a new exhibitor space at one of our shows so get on the list as soon as you know you'd like to do Miniatura, there'll be plenty of time to fine tune the details of your stand.

2. Keep in touch. With a lot of possible exhibitors on our lists it's important that you keep in touch, so after you've sent the form please update us on a regular basis. Once a day is too much, once a year is not enough.

3. The learning curve. If you are new to exhibiting your work you will find that the first one or two shows you do will be remarkably informative from a purely practical point of view. Whilst we pride ourselves on making the whole exhibitor experience as smooth running and pain free as possible it will benefit you immensely to have done one or two small shows before you exhibit with us.

4. Early planning.

Payment - As stated above we send our invitations out early, about 11 months ahead. We request 50% payment at the time of booking and the balancing 50% 3 months prior to the show.

Stock - A lot of exhibitors have told us that they run two stockpiles of their work, one for Miniatura and one for everything else. This means that they are ready for the show and not working frantically up until the last minute.

5. If in doubt get in touch. We are always happy to discuss any aspect of booking the shows, we work hard throughout the year to try to make it as effective an advert as possible for you and your product, it's been our job for over 28 years.

You may also find this article useful - Advice for newcomers

Telephone - 0121 783 9922

e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.