Autumn Miniatura - Dolls' House Show
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th Sept. & 1st Oct 2017
Future Show Dates - March 2018 TBA



25th & 26th March 2017
Catering facilities and ample seating located at the rear of the hall.

Hall 8 Food Express

Two Item Breakfast Baguette, £4.45
Choose from either bacon or sausage, and then one item from the following, button mushrooms, fried egg or grilled tomato

Beer battered cod, chips and mushy peas, £9.45  

Jacket potato with filling and mixed leaf salad, from £6.45

Extra filling, £1.95    
Hall 8 Café Bar
Selection of sandwiches, salads, snacks and cakes.
Sub Rolls     
Cheddar Ploughman’s Sub Roll  £5.30   
Tuna Nicoise Sub Roll  £5.30   

Cartridge Sandwiches    
Roast Chicken Salad Malted Bread Sandwich    £4.20   
Prawn Mayonnaise, Oatmeal Bread Sandwich    £4.20   
Mature Cheddar Cheese Ploughman’s Malted Bread Sandwich  £4.20   
Ham and Salad on malted bread- Low Calorie   £4.20   
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Malted Bread Sandwich   £4.20   
Chicken Caesar wrap   £4.30   
Cajun Chicken Flatbread   £4.30   
Devilish Egg Wrap   £4.30   
Gluten Free Wraps    
Falafel and red pepper houmous  £4.30   
Harissa Chicken    £4.30   

Deli Sandwiches     
Honey roast ham, wholegrain mustard
and plum tomato on tomato ciabatta     £5.30   
Chicken tikka on Arctic flatbread
with a spicy pear chutney, mint yoghurt dressing   £5.30   
Free range egg mayonnaise and bacon 
with cracked black pepper and rocket on seeded triangle   £5.30   
Smoked Applewood cheese with rhubarb and Apple chutney
on organic white baguette with rocket and red onion   £5.30   
Flaked tuna mayonnaise with spring onion
and little gem lettuce on wholemeal organic baguette   £5.30   
Sweet Potato Falafel & Quinoa Salad with Beetroot & Mint Houmous Vegan and Gluten free £5.95   
Mediterranean inspired chicken salad       £5.95
Super Food salad with Feta cheese, broccoli, courgette and butternut squash,
pomegranate seeds and French dressing       £6.55

Coffee Filter   Reg £2.55 Large £2.85   
Coffee Cappuccino  Reg £2.55 Large £2.85   
Coffee Latte   Reg £2.55 Large £2.85   
Espresso    Single £1.75 Double £2.10    
Caramel shot   £0.45   
Hazelnut shot   £0.45   
Vanilla shot   £0.45   
Tea     Reg £2.20 Large £2.40   
Hot chocolate   £2.75   
Specialist Teas   £2.20   
Pet 500ml bottles  £2.20   
Post mix drink 16oz  £2.20   
Post mix drink 22oz  £2.70   
Monster Ripper Can 500ml £2.95   
Capri-Sun Orange 330ml  £2.20   
Oasis drinks   £2.20   
Mineral water   Reg £1.95 Large £2.50   
Pineapple Coconut water    £2.50   
Innocent Orange Juice    £2.50   
Innocent strawberry & banana smoothies  £2.75   
Innocent mango & passion fruit smoothies £2.75   
Naked Smoothies Red    £3.20   
Naked Smoothies Green   £3.20   
Naked Smoothie Yellow   £3.20   
Naked Smoothies Blue   £3.20 
Danish Pastries                                                                                                                    
Pain au chocolate £2.30   
Pain au raisin  £2.30   
Apple crown  £2.30   
Muffin, triple chocolate  £2.30   
Muffin, blueberry   £2.30   
Muffin, lemon and white chocolate £2.30   
Wrapped Cake Bars and cookies    
Gluten Free Chocolate and coconut macaroon    £2.15   
Handmade Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road Broderick’s  £2.15
Handmade Belgian Chocolate Tiffin Broderick’s   £2.15   
Handmade Irish Oats Granola Broderick’s    £2.15   
Handmade Belgian White Chocolate Peanut Heaven Broderick’s £2.15   
Corkers Crisps  £1.35   
Rocky Road with, marshmallows and honeycomb £3.80
Mini Egg Cup Cake     £2.75
Simnel Muffins     £2.30