Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
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Monday, 05 March 2018 16:03

Mother Came Too - by Jan Rodger

I went to my first Miniatura before it went to the NEC, and mother came too.  She bought me the first of my 2nd generation of miniatures, a lovely sleigh bed  and I collected and made for years.

I attended as many fairs as I could find but the buzz of going to Miniatura never faded, and mother came too.

Two houses and several room boxes now graced the real house and mum bought herself a room box. 

When I was made redundant I decided to try self employment and what would be better than miniatures, a new adventure and mother came too!  We sat opposite each other painting and making all the items and spent the weekends driving all over the country making new friends, both miniaturists and customers, and of course , mother came too. 

Every year we cleared the diary 2 weekends for Miniatura, we didn’t miss one, then we were invited to attend.  We went to 6 Miniatura’s and the first one was so overwhelming I ended up in tears, it meant that much, and mother did too!

While at a fair in Derby, where I live, I had what was to become a life changing accident.  I was knocked over backwards by a heavy industrial trolley which hit my legs. For several months, while in bandages and in and out of hospital, I was assured I would make a complete recovery. I started to worry as I had bills to pay and no income.  I was asked to go to the hospital, and mother came too, which was just as well, I was told that not all was well with my right leg and that I had injured in my neck. I would not make a full recovery.

I found it very difficult to cope, I know now that I had depression but it was very hard.  Mum took me into Derby and wheeled me round but I wasn’t very interested and when we had to miss Miniatura I didn’t care and by then hadn’t touched a miniature in 6 months or more.  Mum didn’t come to the dark place I went to, she went into town and bought a box, with a cheap clip together doll’s house in it and she simply put in front of me and waited, for several weeks, but the box came out every day.  She also phoned people.  Would I like to help the trade association at Miniatura by manning the stand, and mother, to make sure I went, came too. Several times. 

I built the little house, and years later  decorated it for the daughter of a friend, it had done it’s job of bringing me back and I could let it go.  

For the next 12 years I never missed a Miniatura, now the only fair I could get to and I was pushed around by, yes, mother came too. We had a great time meeting our friends and shopping, and selling in a small way. Then age and ill health came to mum and I went to Miniatura  with my friend but I found it hard as mum cried because she couldn’t come too. I had to miss a Miniatura and another, and now mother would never come too, again.

The next 2 Miniatura’s were not the same and I didn’t touch a miniature.  Then I had to miss one due to problem’s with my leg.  I missed  the fair, my friends who had helped me and I realised I missed my miniatures.

I had promised mum I would change a few things in her Edwardian kitchen and I couldn’t break that promise so I started with that.  Three houses and 2 room boxes later she’d helped again.

The last few Miniatura’s have been the best for years,  I’ve started collecting and making again and each time I get to the NEC I know that mother comes too because like me you can’t miss a Miniatura.

Many thanks to Jan Rodger for writing this very touching and personal account of visiting Miniatura. It is people like Jan and her mother that make running the show such a rewarding experience.