Spring Miniatura
NEC, Birmingham, UK
30th & 31st March 2019
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Wednesday, 13 December 2017 10:03

Miniatura Is Good For You

Miniatura is good for you - by Jane Laverick

I had an inkling that Miniatura was going to be good for me about thirty years ago when I realised that if I turned from a visitor into an exhibitor, I’d be there both days of the weekend.  Just before that occurred I had been interviewed by a magazine journalist who had spotted my enthusiasm.  I was quoted as saying that I preferred Miniatura to Christmas because you spent it with the people you really cared about, you got the presents you actually wanted and no one had to cook a turkey.

As soon as I became an exhibitor, once I recovered from the shock of qualifying as good enough, I simultaneously was roped in as a magazine writer and what I had suspected was the case, became officially true; my entire life was revolving round Miniatura.  Holidays were taken in Scotland to accommodate the Scottish Miniatura; school uniform was bought between firing dolls and dressing them for Autumn Miniatura and working in the winter, traditional miniaturising time, finished with Spring Miniatura, after which I ran into the garden, mainly to see if it was still there.

Miniatura nourishes old skills such as letter writing, because all my friends for the last three decades have been made at Miniatura, which is truly international.  Enjoying the reputation of the highest standards it quite naturally attracts the best professionals in every discipline from all over the world, so they are all people anyone would like to know.  I had an advantage: as I was interviewing exhibitors for magazines, I quickly made friends with new artists, I usually know more about miniaturists several continents away than I do about my neighbours.

The show is designed to be the level playing field for all miniaturists.  As the layout at the NEC accommodates wheelchair users in a way that should be the envy of other shows and venues,  Miniatura reminds us that we are ept and ert by luck and happenstance.  When I broke my arm badly this July and missed my own 25th anniversary show, I had met enough miniaturists with physical difficulties to know that you can keep miniaturising regardless.  Now I have an arm with so much metal in it that it restricts my movement but I know once I appear behind a table at the Min that I am back again, that my year has regained the two pivot points that give it momentum.

Most of all Miniatura is good for you because it is the best.  The show itself is dynamic and handcrafted.  Exhibiting is aspirational.  Contact with art at the highest level inspires us all, and I find the inspiration lasts exactly six months, when, fortunately the next show will be along.

Whilst I stand by everything I said to the journalist thirty years ago, the main thing I wonder about Miniatura now is: how would anyone manage without it?

Jane Laverick is a well known and well loved writer in the dolls house hobby and you can catch up with her blog here - http://www.janelaverick.com/