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All The Bookings Are In

The middle of May saw us finalise all the bookings for the Autumn Miniatura at the NEC. You can take a look at the full line up on the gallery pages. http://www.miniatura.co.uk/next-show/nextshowgallery.html


Spring Miniatura 2015

A massive thank you to everyone who took part in the show at the weekend. To the visitors, the exhibitors, our own staff and the staff at the NEC, we'd like to extend our gratitude again for helping to make the show run smoothly so everyone could enjoy all the amazing miniatures in comfortable and friendly surroundings. The atmosphere was great all through both days and it was wonderful to see so many new faces being introduced to the hobby. Several visitors said they had tried Cranmore Park in November before taking the plunge at the NEC and even more let us know how much they enjoyed the addition of carpet. We'll be putting a report up in the next week or so but if you are on Facebook you can see our album of photo's from Saturday Facebook Album.

If you missed the show this time don't forget we'll be there again in October and we hope to have another film, from Spring 2015, to show you in a month or so.



Newcomers for Spring 2015

Childhood Dreams

childhood dreams gallery

Criss Cross Miniatures 

criss cross gallery

Pan Miniatures

pan miniatures gallery

Pandora's Box

pandora gallery

Small Scale Fiddlers Club

small scale fiddlers gallery

And finally...

Vicanna Vintage

We have no image for Vicanna Vintage

but we can tell you that they'll have 

a varied and delightful

array of vintage miniatures on their stand.







New Miniatura Film

Here's the new film for Miniatura from the show in Autumn 2014. Many thanks to all the exhibitors and visitors who agreed to appear on camera. We are really pleased with the result, hopefully it might attract some more people into our lovely hobby!

Here's the link!! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXQ71YCpmQc


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